Diantha Nemorensis Lucifer

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Let op vollemaanviering 21-12-2010
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"The Crone is the ancient holy one. She is grandmother, witch and hag. She has been ignored, trivialized, blamed and feared, for she holds powers that others deny. Powers of time and transformation. Powers we may fear, but would do better to understand.

 The Crone is the Mother of all Mothers. She knows all your bedtime stories, and all your worst nightmares. 

 She is the One Who Knows Death. She will introduce you to your shadow. She can free you from your fears. The Crone is She Who Has Gone Beyond.

She has lived many years and many lives. Her feet know the paths of the Ancestors. Through her we can touch those who have gone before. She has lived for love, for power, for grace. Now she lives for herself and her journey. She travels new roads and dares the unknown.

She is ancient, but not always aged. She may be beautiful, but she's not pretty. She Who Has Gone Beyond goes beyond our idea of what a deity or a woman may be."

Brightest Blessings